Patient Compliance and Support Services

"We help patients be on their medications and improve medication compliance via patient education and counseling services."

Our tactical solutions include patient compliance and support services to help enhance patient retention and physician involvement with the brand. Patient compliance is an important challenge, especially in the case of chronic conditions. Lack of patient persistence and compliance with medications impacts patient quality of life, increases complications related to the condition, increases healthcare costs to manage the complications, and results in loss of revenue due to patient drop-offs.

Our patient compliance programs are customizable to your therapeutic area, your brand-specific needs, geography, and your budgets. Using our in-house staff of nurses, dieticians, and pharmacists, our patient compliance programs provide patients’ with disease / medication level information, customized counseling, positive reinforcement, and medication reminders to improve patient retention rates.

The programs can be customized to provide patient education (for infectious diseases or preventable conditions) or provide disease management services to improve health outcomes in a patient group or geographical area.

The key advantages of our patient compliance and support services include:

Customized patient approach

As patient needs and preferences vary, multiple channels of patient engagement are utilized to foster and maintain patient compliance.

Continuous patient profiling

The program profiles patient continuously so that resources are targeted to patients that are most likely to benefit.

Physician and client online dashboards

Physicians can view patient progress / participation in real time, and identify non-compliant patients. Regional managers / clients can view patient participation per physician.

Program budgets

The compliance program can be scaled-up as per budgets and program outcomes.

Program outcome tracking

Program outcomes are continually measured and tracked to help justify budgets and increase acceptance with physicians.